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Features of Gungguan Junior High School


Music Education

In order to improve the local music literacy and allow outstanding music students to study in the local area, our school establish a music class in 1994, which emphased on both Chinese and Western music.  Frequent concerts or performances of various activities are held so that the folks can share the results of the school’s music classes. In recent years, the performance of music classes is brilliant.  We have won the recognition and affirmation from the local people.  Music competitions have repeatedly achieved good records; for example, they have gained the prizes, the county's special excellence, national excellence, outstanding performance, etc., which is so impressive and amazing.


Technical Education

The school offers its own electrical vocational group and technical education in cooperation with vocational high schools, so that students who are interested in vocational subjects can have the opportunity to learn a skill and "choose what they love to learn and love what they choose. "


Club activities

Our school attaches great importance to the balance of the five education areas and has offered a variety of clubs at various time to develop students' potential and provide a stage for them to perform.  Over the years, we have won many awards in external competitions.  In particular, the newly established Science Research Club has won many awards in science fairs and powertech competitions, not only for the school, but also for our country.


Reading activities

With "Developing Reading" as the main axis of the school's overall curriculum plan, and by guiding reading strategies, students can strengthen their reading comprehension and enhance the depth of text reading. In addition to increasing the library’s diversified collections.  Teachers in various fields will also provide excellent articles and design question sheets for students to apply in the morning reading period, as the best place for extended reading for the course.  In addition to morning reading period, activities like themed book fairs, the design of the reading passport system, and the winter and summer vacation camps and cultural day... various activities, outstanding performance, won the honor of " Excellent Reading School in Miaoli County ".


Enrollment system

The school takes "top-notch, supporting the weak and taking care of the whole" as an important school concept, and has designed a series of complete measures for entering higher education. We adopt gradual and steady strategies, so that students can gradually develop the spirit of active learning and striving for their progress.  The proportion of admission to national high school or vocational schools is as high as 90%.  The number of first volunteers has repeatedly broken new records, and of  those students who got 5C (low achievement students) is far lower than the national rate. It is proving that it is the best choice to study in Gungguan junior High School.


School Address: No. 3, Datong Road, Guanzhong Village, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County 36350

電話 Phone:037-222729
傳真 Fax:037-230466