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  1. 落實生活及道德教育
    • 加強學生社團活動
      • 培養學生民主法治觀念
        • 加強學生環境保護、垃圾分類、資源回收
          • 培養學生尊重生命,激發學生自我潛能
            • 加強學生身體適應生活的能力(體適能)
              • 辦理假日育樂活動,重視學生休閒教育
                • 鼓勵學生從事義工活動,主動服務社會鄉里

                  Students Affairs


                • 1. Implement life and moral education
                • 2. Strengthen student club activities
                • 3. Cultivate students' concepts of democracy and rule of law
                • 4. Strengthen students' environmental protection, garbage classification, and resource recycling
                • 5. Cultivate students to respect life and stimulate their self-potential
                • 6. Strengthen students' ability to adapt to life (physical fitness)
                • 7. Handle holiday recreational activities and attach importance to student leisure education
                • 8. Encourage students to volunteer to participate activities and actively serve the community


School Address: No. 3, Datong Road, Guanzhong Village, Gongguan Township, Miaoli County 36350

電話 Phone:037-222729
傳真 Fax:037-230466